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God Gave Us Family

The newest installment in the “God Gave Us” children’s book series is full of warm fuzzy feelings! Little Pup is traveling to a family reunion with his mom and dad. His parent’s tell him about the different family sizes and different relatives can take care of children too. I love how this book presents: The […]

8 Lies People Tell You About Marriage

We have celebrated nine years of marriage so far. I would be lying if I told you that it was all rainbows and bonfires. Our friends would joke and say that we have the “perfect” marriage. It’s not. Really, it’s not. Sure, we put on smiles if we are fighting or disagreeing over something, but […]

#10 Exercise Grace Every Chance You Get

Grace. “Mercy, clemency, pardon”. Jesus showed us grace when he died on the cross for us. He showed us mercy. He is the example we need to follow to show each other grace. Did your spouse upset you over something he/she did? Have they upset you recently? It happens… We are only human. So remembering […]

#9 Don’t be Selfish

I had the whole day planned out. Joel had a day off and I was ready to spend all day with him. I arranged for a babysitter for our child (one at that time) and everything. We would go out and do some shopping, catch some lunch, maybe go see a movie, come back home, and watch a movie. […]

#8 Make Date Night a Priority

When I say make date night a priority, I don’t mean you have to go out and spend money. Date night in can be just as fun and beneficial at home. Taking time out during your week or toward the end of your week is a great way to relax and spend time together as […]

#6 Learn from the Past, Love in the Present, Live for the Future

Learn from the Past Whatever happened in the past needs to be forgiven and forgotten. If you want to have a great marriage, forgiveness is a MUST. Holding a grudge is only going to drive a wedge between you and your spouse. Any disagreements you have had in the past or even ongoing, let them go! How you responded […]

#5 Recognize Each Other’s Love Language

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#4 Be Intimate

CAUTION: SEX IS DISCUSSED IN THIS POST… Intimacy. Let that word soak in for a bit… What comes to mind when you think of intimacy? (…sex…?) Did you think of something different? If you did, good for you! Intimacy is about more than sex! Yes, sex is great and God designed it for couples to […]