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Follow the Cloud by John Stickl

Fear of the unknown. It’s out if my comfort zone. Ever had these thoughts before? I sure have. I enjoyed reading Follow the Cloud by John Stickl. This book was written based on the the Bible’s account of the s escape from Pharaoh in Egypt in Exodus. I was having my own spiritual struggles while […]

Dr. Seuss Collection

WE LOVE DR. SEUSS BOOKS! My kids absolutely enjoy these silly books! These exact books have been in my husband’s family since he was little and now we have them to pass on to our kids! I love how each book has tongue tying phrases and quirky pictures. I always find myself struggling to keep […]

Never Settle for Normal

Looking for significance in your life? How about happiness? The path to significance and happiness has been shared! Jonathan Parnell does an outstanding job lighting the way. “Never Settle for Normal” gives you the tools you need to find your significance and happiness. No more living in the “stupid normal”. Parnell takes you on a […]