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Bring on the Summer Fun!

It’s been a hot and humid last few days!


We have finally finished our homeschooling for the year!

Now what??

We have been working on our reading skills and letter sounds.

I am also re-examining our home school schedule for this coming school year.

Year-round or follow the public school calendar?

I spent some time weighing pros and cons of schooling year-round or following the public school calendar.

I think I have settled on schooling “lightly” over the summer.

What do I mean by “lightly”?

We would focus on reading and writing this summer. I desire for my 6-almost 7-year-old to pick up reading fluently. He does well with short sentences and stories, but still needs some work on sight words. No problem. Just another reason why I love homeschooling… flexibility. We can focus on subjects or skills that need attention rather then moving on and being left behind.

My 3-almost 4-year-old will continue with his letter work and practicing writing them. He does well with one-on-one, so I need to work on making time for that one-on-one.

With the high temperatures and humidity, we will try out some YouTube channels to get moving and burn off some energy on these unbearable days we are experiencing!

What’s up with me?

I am working on decluttering currently and have a large load that needs hauled off! I am organizing and downsizing as much as my older boys and the baby will let me!

Joel’s been working long hours, so we haven’t gotten to spend much time together lately. We still spend our date nights together, so that helps us reconnect.

New things to look forward to!

Do you love reading?

I know I do! I don’t spend nearly enough time reading for myself anymore, however, I am going to work hard to make time to fill my love of reading.

I will be reviewing a wide variety of books over the summer weeks, so be on the look out for some options to fill your bookshelves with!

I know that this is short, but I just wanted to send out an update as to what we’ve been up to!

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