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My Third Son’s Birth Story (My Breech Baby)

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I had my last doctor’s appointment on December 27, 2016.

Keep in mind, this stinker has been flipping back and forth between head down and breech. I had been doing Forward Leaning Inversions, Breech Tilts, a version of the yoga pose, “Downward Dog”, and spending a lot of time on the floor on all fours. I had asked my doctor 2 weeks prior to this appointment what I could do, and these suggestions came up when she recommended the website, Spinning Babies.

We had a sonogram done before our appointment… and that little stinker had turned head down! All the tilts and inversions I had done had paid off!

We went back for our appointment and my doctor asked if we wanted to have an induction done tomorrow. My husband and I both jumped on that idea. Turns out she was joking at first, but our little guy was making her “nervous” and she was worried that he would flip back to breech if we didn’t give him an eviction notice right away.

So, the nurse called the hospital we requested to deliver at… but the earliest induction slot they had was Friday. We had her call the other hospital in town, and they were able to offer us a 12:00 AM induction that night. Midnight it was!

We ran a few last minute errands and made arrangements for our older boys to stay with family. Our boys spent the rest of the day with us.

When bedtime came, we took them to grandma’s house and helped get them settled. They were excited to get to spend the night with grandma :).

Joel and I went home after that and tried to get some sleep. I slept a little bit, Joel did not.

We arrived at the Emergency Room (where we were supposed to check in) around midnight and waited for someone from Labor and Delivery to come get us. My mom followed us to the hospital and joined us there.

A nurse came for us after about fifteen minutes. I got to take a ride in a wheel chair! She showed us to our room and let me get changed. A different nurse came in and introduced herself. She would be my nurse until around 7:00 AM. She got my IV’s and fetal monitor hooked up, went over paperwork with me, and then told me to get super comfy and get some rest.

Baby and I were to be monitored four an hour or so and then Oxytocin was given to me via my IV to get labor started. The nurse came in to take my vitals and check on me every 1/2 hour-hour and to increase the Oxytocin. I rested somewhat comfortably. Joel rested on the couch that folded down into a bed.

My doctor stopped in at around 7:15 AM to check my cervix and break my water.

That got things moving quickly!

That also made things a little more painful… LOL!

I asked for some medication to take the edge of the contractions and the nurse happily gave some to me through my IV. I was flying pretty high after receiving that medication. I also was able to get some quality sleep too.

I was supposed to be switching from laying on my left side to my right side, but little man decided that he didn’t like me laying on my left side. His heart rate dropped when I laid on my left side.

My medicine wore off and I was ready for my epidural. I requested it and, of course, had to wait for it. Meanwhile, I was given a “peanut” to put between my knees to help me dilate faster… and it worked. I went from 3 cm dilated to 7 cm in forty-five minutes.

I finally got my epidural! This time I didn’t receive any narcotic with it. I still felt pressure, but no pain with each contraction. This was because of how fast I was dilating. It was uncomfortable, but nice to know when to push. I was able to dilate almost completely without any more help.

I was instructed to push to try to help along the last bit of dilation. It worked! My doctor was called and she said it would be fifteen minutes before she could get there.

So, I had to breathe through some contractions so I wouldn’t push. That was exhausting. At one point, I thought that my nurse would be delivering our baby because he started crowning before my doctor got there.

My doctor arrived and had to struggle to get her other glove on as she told me to push. I pushed one time and little man did the rest. He pushed himself out with the next contraction.

I made a point to tell my doctor, “I’m not pushing, it’s all him!”.

He was immediately was wiped off quickly and put on my chest for skin to skin contact for that first “Golden Hour”. I loved it. He wasn’t whisked away to be weighed and measured. He was given to me right away, as it should be! Now, if there had been a problem, I would understand if he had to be whisked away, but there wasn’t, so this was one happy mama!

He caught on to nursing right away, he didn’t really cry. He actually was awake for part of the time he was on my chest. What an experience!

I truly believe that the reason he nurses so well is because of that first hour of his life that we got that bonding time.

Around 2:00 pm the nurses all came in and helped me get up for the first time, get the bed changed and cleaned up, weighed and measured little man, and gave him a bath. He weighed in at 7 pounds 14 ounces and was 21 inches long- the biggest of the three!

We were able to go home the next day because we didn’t have any complications. We were ready to back in our own beds and to get started adjusting to being a family of 5 instead of a family of 4!

This birth experience was so much better than I could have hoped for! I had great nurses and they helped to make this birth such a great experience!

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