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20 Things I am Thankful for This Year

20 Things I am Thankful for This Year

  1. A loving God who provides for my every day needs
  2. A loving husband who is my best friend
  3. My 2 boys who love and amaze me every single say
  4. The baby boy growing inside me (see you very soon, Buddy!)
  5. My mom who is my best friend.
  6. My friends who fill my life with love laughter
  7. Church family who continues to bless our family
  8. My extended family
  9. My in-laws
  10. My network of blogging friends
  11. Law enforcement, our military, and other public figures that fight to protect our rights every single day
  12. My college experiences that I truly believe helped prepare me to be a mom
  13. My experience in working at a day care that also helped prepare me for motherhood
  14. Our dogs
  15. Our cat
  16. Nature and the great outdoors that God created
  17. Technology, but only because it helps me keep in contact with family
  18. Electricity, because face it, we are spoiled today and I like to cook
  19. USANA, my favorite health and wellness company that protect my family from serious illnesses every year
  20. Grocery stores, because, again, modern conveniences make life somewhat more simple.

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  1. I don’t normally think to be thankful for the grocery store. (Am usually putting off the trip as long as possible.) However, you are absolutely right – I sure would be sad if it wasn’t available!

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