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Hospital Packing List for Birth #3

It’s getting closer to time for baby to be born, and I have officially packed my hospital bag.

I was thinking about things that I packed for my previous deliveries and realized that I over packed EVERY TIME.

I would pack a couple of books to read, coloring books and pencils, silly stuff that I would use to occupy my time, because I would have time to kill, right?


If you recall from my birth story with my first son, (Induction, 15 hours of labor, and 3-day hospital stay) yes, I would have had plenty of time to read, color, or play on my phone, no problem.

And with my second son, I learned from my first time that sleep was my best friend and if I was going to have any energy to push this kid out, I needed to rest after having my water broken at 2:30 in the morning.

So, this third one could go either way. I could be induced or I could go naturally. It is a toss-up, but I am planning on sleeping, not matter! LOL

OK, enough stalling, here’s what I’ve packed and I plan to stick to it:


Now this should be a given. You are still going to have your belly stretched out. Unfortunately, it does not go right back to your original size before getting pregnant.

So, I packed:

  • sweat pants with a drawstring
  • a bigger t-shirt
  • a comfy hoodie
  • a pair of socks (hospitals usually give you some with the tread on the bottom, but to go home, I packed my own
  • slippers because it’s going to be cold when I go in to deliver (I took flip flops with my other two since they were born in August)
  • nursing bra (or tank top) I haven’t finalized this one yet

***This is all pending that I grab my winter coat and boots. Believe it or not, I’m freaking out about if my water breaks, what boots do I wear? I usually wear western boots in the winter, but lucked into a cheap pair of UGG knock-offs that can be thrown in the washer.***


Don’t forget to pack these because your first shower after birth helps you feel like a human being again!

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Deodorant!
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair ties
  • Bobby pins OR Headband
  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Loofah for both hubby and I (remember birth story#2? “Do I have time to take a shower?” LOL)
  • Nursing pads (Whether you opt to breastfeed or not, you will probably still leak).


  • An Outfit or 2 and socks

Our hospital has a professional photographer come into your room and take newborn pictures of your baby. So, having an outfit or two on hand would be ideal along with a nice blanket and/or stuffed animal.

  • Extra baby blankets to send home for pet introductions

We have two dogs and cat. Our older dog has been around for both previous baby introductions and he hasn’t been a problem.

Our younger dog was just a puppy when we brought our second son home from the hospital, so I foresee a possibly jealous dog here. He may surprise us and take it well… or not.

Our cat won’t care much. She will probably just come sniff the new baby and call it a day.


Vending machines are not cheap in hospitals. If you want something after the kitchen closes, you better bring all your quarters (or sweet talk your husband or mom to run and get you something).


Mostly for your comfort. But also, it’s a known fact… hospital pillows are not fluffy at all. You need like 4 to even consider getting comfortable.

An extra pillow case may be worth the investment too. You never know when accidents or spills will happen.


A given. You cannot take baby home until you have him in a car seat.


Purse- this will have my wallet, which has my insurance info and photo ID. Cell phone, my extra charger is already packed.

What did you pack or plan to pack for your hospital stay when you give birth? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


  1. Oh how exciting! I remember the anticipation, but I was never as prepared as you! Amazing! What a blessed adventure you’re getting ready for..you’re an ole pro by now, too! But nevertheless, a great adventure. What a joy to read this today! My son turns 19 next week. Time goes way too fast.. miss those baby years! Blessings! Visiting from Christian Bloggers Unite!

  2. I love your list. It’s super practical. I may borrow some ideas for a pregnancy article for a magazine I write for. I’ll include this article as a reference if that’s OK with you.

    My boys were home births but I did use some of your tips to make life easier for us all.

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