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7 Things I’ve Learned During My Third Pregnancy

This third pregnancy has been the most difficult of the three.

7 Things I’ve Learned During My 3rd Pregnancy

***No judging on my parenting style at the current stage in my life. My kids are safe at all times and our bedroom is just off of our living room***

  1. I don’t sleep anymore; when I do, it’s weird hours.

I know that my body is preparing me for sleepless nights, but I don’t have the luxury of having a special space to retreat to with a light on.

My husband leaves for work very early in the mornings, so he tries to get to bed by 10 pm every night. That doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I am nowhere near ready to go to bed. I’m not even tired. When I do get to sleep, it’s usually after 1 am if not later. Then my body doesn’t want to wake up in the morning.

Thankfully, I invoked “rest time” after we finish our school work for the day. This is usually done by 2 pm. My boys are allowed to have their tablets, play with a toy quietly, or look at books while they lay down on their bunk beds. During this time, I set an alarm for 2 solid hours and I am able to get a nap in.

  1. It’s hard to get motivated in the mornings.

I know, why don’t I set an alarm in the mornings?


Mom of two boys already… who needs an alarm?

I do set an alarm. It usually goes off before my boys wake up for the day. When they do wake up, I wake up, but I don’t get out of bed until I have to.

They play so well together. They are allowed Wii or movie privileges in the mornings because that’s what works best for us.

When you feel like you’re going to puke in the mornings, sometimes, it’s best to stay in bed and “sleep it off”.

I get up if there’s a disagreement, or I hear crying, but we have a routine that works for now and they are safe during this routine.

  1. I lack energy even when I do sleep and wake up.

I’m growing a human being. I have also been told by my doctor that I have to take it easy because of my history or miscarrying three different times. Being a high risk pregnancy, I am monitored more closely and I’m OK with that.

I posted before about my amazing prenatal vitamins that I take to help with my energy. You can read that post here.

  1. I’m in more pain.

I thought that my body would transition in to pregnancy like a champ since it’s my third successful one.


It didn’t.

I have felt more sick and been in more pain this time around. I am also getting older. I know twenty-eight years old is not that old, but I thought that I would cruise through this pregnancy and it would be prefect.

My sciatic nerve bothers me a whole lot more too. I try to walk daily so I don’t get out of shape too badly. I invested in a belly band that helps take some pressure off, but not all the time.

I cannot go shopping for a long period of time and I miss it. I cannot attend street festivals or craft shows because my sciatic bothers me and then I get grumpy. So, I usually send my husband with my kids so they can at least enjoy it.

It’s OK. I don’t regret getting pregnant a third time. I have been blessed with a third healthy child that I am excited to meet at the end of this December.

  1. My kids are more considerate when I tell them I don’t feel well.

I love all the extra loves that I get from my boys now. I tell them straight away when I am not feeling well or if my anxiety is starting to act up.

They are very good about making the changes they need to make sure that mommy doesn’t get grumpy.

I openly communicate with my kids and tell them about my feelings and guess what?

… they caught on too. They openly communicate and tell me about their feelings too.

  1. My 2 kids want to help and pamper me.

Along with openly communicating with my kids, they in turn want to help me more. They know that bending down has gotten difficult for me and will gladly pick things up and hand them to me.

They also do chores without complaining (most of the time). We’ve been working on this with our home school time, but lately my boys just want to help in some way. They constantly offer to help and I love it.

They will bring me blankets if I’m cold. They get me a drink if I ask for one. These boys take care of their mamma and I am so thankful for them.

  1. I felt movement earlier than before.

This may seem small, but it was so neat to feel little flutters inside my tummy at thirteen weeks. That was the earliest I had felt movement out of the three pregnancies so far. I thought I even felt this baby have the hiccups that early too.

The miracle of feeling movement inside you just make pregnancy even more real.

I mean, sure, positive pregnancy test, woohoo, you’re pregnant.

But it doesn’t really sink in until you feel actual movement inside you. It is a feeling I love and cherish.

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