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Top 7 Items that Should Be on Your Baby Registery

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Top 7 Items that Should be on Your Baby Registry

Besides baby wash, shampoo, lotion, here is a list of my top 7 items I recommend to put on your Baby Registry.

7. Burp Cloths

Your new baby will have accidents. From spit up to poop, there will be accidents. When they get a little older, they will start drooling. Burp cloths come in handy for quick clean up at home and in public. I usually just ask for a pack of cloth diapers. They are absorbent and easy to clean in the washer.

6. Gift Cards

I know, gift cards aren’t a personal gift. I get it. BUT, it enables you to save them for later or to shop for what you actually want or need for your baby. Go ahead and put a note on your registry that gift cards are acceptable gifts and will help with expenses.

5. Baby Swing

This is a great investment. I worked in an infant room at a day care for some time and found that swings that used the side-to-side motion were more soothing than the back-and-forth motion. When your baby is newborn age to a few months old, they will want to be close to you, if not held continuously. The swings that use the side-to-side motion seemed to support the smaller babies and give them the feel of being back in the womb. There are some swings that use both motions at different times with just a flip of a switch. They are a little more expensive, but worth the investment.

4. Nighttime Soothing Machine

I found that when I had to set my baby down in the safety of a pack-n-play or crib, having a small toy or machine that made music or soothing noises, helped entertain or keep my baby calm.

3. Pack-n-Play with Changing table

Best. Investment. Ever. Dual purpose, and highly functional if you don’t have room for a nursery. I love our pack-n-play that has a folding changing pad. My husband and I used it almost every time we had to change a diaper. These are becoming affordable because people are catching on that they are functional. Your baby will thank you!

2. Vibrating Baby Seat

Another functional piece is a vibrating baby seat. This is light weight and easy to transport from room to room. Have dishes to do? Take the seat into the kitchen so baby can watch you and know you are right there. Need to use the bathroom or take a bath? Take the seat in and sit baby in there with you.

1. Mobi Wrap/Baby Carrier

If a vibrating seat doesn’t sound appealing, or you just want to be prepared, baby wearing is where it’s at! Keep your baby close and happy with a wrap or carrier to put them in.


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