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Why You Still Need Supplements

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You’ve found out you’re expecting a new little bundle of joy. You’ve taken a home pregnancy test and hopefully have seen your OBGYN to confirm with a blood test.

Now, you should adjust your diet to cut out or limit caffeine or energy drinks, high sugar foods, and start eating more fruits and veggies.

What about prenatal supplements?

Ever wonder why we are supposed to take supplements (vitamins) in the first place?

I remember that I always wanted to take the Flintstone vitamins. They tasted chalky and quite nasty, but I choked them down because I wanted to be healthy.

Now that I am on my sixth, but third successful pregnancy (more on that subject later), I realize how important taking quality supplements are.

I tried eating healthy, but I am a carbs junkie and, at the time, loved my sweets. Did you know that an orange you eat today is not the same as it was 10 years ago? With all the chemicals and junk that growers use to biologically engineer more fruit, our food loses so much nutritional value. There is not way that you can exclusively eat healthy and expect to get the daily nutrients you need WITHOUT taking supplements.

I have the privilege of working with a company that is the leader in cellular health technology. I absolutely love their prenatal supplements and enjoy taking them.

I have partnered with USANA Health Sciences and haven’t regretted it. What they put on the label of their supplements is actually in their supplements. How many companies can admit that?

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

I did what’s called the “apple test”. All you need is a slice of an apple for every multivitamin you want to test. Add water to a plastic container, drop one apple slice in the container and one multivitamin. Wait 24 hours before making your judgment.

Here were my results:


As you can see, I tested the ever so popular One-a-Day Women’s Prenatal supplement, USANA’s Baby Care Prenatals, and Spring Valley’s Prenatal supplement. See the difference? One-a-Day and Spring Valley both turned black and gross. They did not protect their apple slice at all. I took then out of the water and they were soggy and smelly. I took the apple slice out from the USANA container, and was able to break the slice in half. It was still crisp and smelled freshly peeled.

This was enough to convince me that I can trust what’s on USANA’s supplements labels and haven’t looked back.


Try it for yourself, make your own judgment call.

If you’re interested in trying out the Baby Care Prenatal supplements, click here.


***Testimony Time***

Me Personally:

I have been taking USANA’s Baby Care Prenatal supplements for almost 2 years now. They have helped curb my appetite, dropped a little bit of weight, given my energy a boost, and helped my relieve my allergy symptoms.

Now, I also used to drink the Nutrimeal shakes and those were amazing! Drinking one shake a day for two weeks straight has kicked my sugar cravings and I can proudly say that I can only eat a half of a homemade cookie or a half of a piece of cake when offered. My body just doesn’t crave the sugar like it used to. I also dropped a few more pounds while drinking these shakes too. USANA recently changed their shakes to a brand new “My SMART” line. This includes shakes and snack bars that are some of the cleanest to consume! Coconut oil is a key ingredient and the only fat that these babies contain. USANA offers plant based, gluten free, and regular shake options along with some flavor optimizers for maximum yumminess. I personally have not tried these shakes, but have heard awesome things about them!


For my allergy relief, I take an additional supplement called Proflavonal C. This consists of grape seed extract and vitamin C. For those of you that don’t know, grape seed extract is a natural antibiotic. This had helped me ward off sinus infections due to my allergies flaring. It’s been one of my all-time favorite optimizers to pair with my prenatal supplements.

My husband:

Joel takes the CellSentials which is similar to the prenatals I take, just without the iron. He also takes an optimizer called Procosa. This little gem contains glucosamine and supports joint health. His wrists used to bother him a lot because he’s worked with his hands all of his life. Procosa has helped aid in slowly replenishing the cartilage in his joints. He no longer complains of joint pain and has also seen a boost in his energy.

My kids:

Take the USANimals supplements. They are chewable tabs and taste fruity. My 3-year-old demands them daily and I love that I have seen an improvement in their health! Both used to suffer from ear infections and we have not had one of those in over a year! My 6-year-old suffers from seasonal allergies. He enjoys taking his supplements because they make him feel better.


USANA has a 30 day money-back guarantee. Not happy with the supplements? No worries! Contact USANA directly and they will reimburse your money.

You won’t know unless you try! Let me know if you try them out! I’d love to hear your feedback!

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    Really neat experiment. We did an experiment with galvanized nails in soda – all the dark sodas dissolved the nails! Imagine what that’s doing to our insides.

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