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5 Secrets to a Happy Wife

Following up on my post a few weeks ago, 5 Secrets to a Happy Husband, I have put together one for the ladies and wives out there!

5 Secrets to a Happy Wife

Disclaimer: not all of these secrets fit everyone’s situation. This is based on experience and what helps keep me and some fellow wife-friends happy.

Secret #5: Help Her Around the House Sometimes

Guys, there is nothing sexier in a woman’s eye than when you take it upon yourself to help out around the house.

Washing dishes, laundry, or children is always a great place to start.

Also, is your wife a stay-at-home-mom? If so, helping out with the kids when you come home from work or being away for the day(s) can put a sparkle in your wife’s eye.

Cook for your wife sometimes (even if it’s cold cut sandwiches!) Take the initiative to make food for your lady! She will be thrilled that she doesn’t have to worry about cooking at that moment.


Get creative and spoil your wife with dinner and cleaning while she watches! (There are endless possibilities… clothes are optional!)

Secret #4: Communication


Listen to your wife vent about her day with the kids. Listen to the milestones each child reached. Listen to what they learned in home school that day. Listen to requests your wife makes of you. Listen to her “Honey Do” List that she may have come up with throughout the day.

Speak gently. Use kind words. Respond with grace and love. If you don’t have anything nice to say right off, excuse yourself politely, and take time to find the words to say. Better, yet, write what you are feeling down on paper. When you feel you’ve expressed what you need to on paper, read it to your wife, or give it to her to read.


This is how communication can work well. This is what communication is all about as husband and wife.

You know what? After you let your wife tell you about her day, and you respond gently to her, you will get the chance to talk or vent about your day. Try this method and see how it works for you.

Secret #3: Respect Her

You promised to honor each other when you said your wedding vows. Guess what? Honor is a synonym (another word for..) respect.

What Does Respect Look Like?

  • Be content with what you have
    • Don’t spend money that isn’t necessary. Live within your means. You both have things you would like to have. Setting up a budget will help see what is coming in and what is going out monthly. Stick to the budget once it is set up.
  • Encourage your wife
    • Words are powerful. Use them positively to build your woman up, not tear her down in public, but also in the privacy of your home.
    • Above all else, trust your wife. Without trust, you cannot have a solid foundation for your marriage.

Secret #2: Be Intimate with Her

Intimacy. There’s that word again.

Intimacy for a wife looks a bit different than it does for a husband.

As a wife, holding hands, linking arms, kisses on the cheek or forehead are all small gestures to show intimacy, but also to show affection in.

Communicating, or just talking to her is a way of being intimate.

Sex is not always the answer to fix her request for intimacy.

Cuddling on the couch, taking a genuine interest in an activity she is participating in is showing intimacy.

I made a previous post with some great suggestions for being intimate with your wife when I was talking about 10 Things That You Should Be Practicing in Your Marriage. To read my post on intimacy, click here.

Secret #1: Pray for Her

If you haven’t noticed, I am big on prayer and praying for each other. You can see a previous post about this topic here.

Prayer works. You may not see the results for days or even months, but an outcome will come to pass. Patience is a must. I struggle with patience when I’m waiting on something. Maybe you do too. Know that you aren’t alone. Pray with your wife daily. Pray for her daily.

Closing Thoughts

I hope that you found this post enlightening. My prayer for you is that you take this post and the other for husbands seriously and that they enrich your marriage even more.

God Bless!


  1. This list would definitely make me happy. I always try to stress to my hubby that is the little things. Sure I like gifts and to go new places, but it’s the everyday acts of love and appreciation that keep me happy.

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