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Gender Reveal!

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As most of you know, Joel and I are expecting our 3rd child. We found out last Wednesday whether we would be expecting our 3rd boy or our 1st girl.

Now, before I get into too much detail, I told Joel as soon as we found out we were expecting again that we were going to have a gender reveal of some type no matter what!

Research and Decisions

Luckily, we have a couple of photographers in the family. My step-sister-in-law was all too happy to offer her services. So we agreed that as soon as we found out for sure, she could come snap some pictures.

So of course, I went straight to Pinterest to see what options were out there. Let me tell you, there are a lot! I was overwhelmed by all the options and examples I found!

We wanted to find a few options that fit our lifestyle and also fit the gender.

The Day Arrived!

August 10, 2016 was the magical date. I was talking to our 6-year-old earlier that day (our appointment wasn’t until 3:30pm) and he voiced his concern about having another boy. I assured him that is God wanted us to have another baby brother, that mommy and daddy were OK with that. I also told him that there was a chance that we could have a baby sister instead. That seemed to put his mind at ease.

We loaded up our vehicle and went in for the ultrasound. It was such a blessing to see our baby on that monitor moving around and having a great time! The first thing that the Ultrasound Tech said was that the baby was laying on mommy’s bladder. I wasn’t surprised (haha). Our six-year-old knew what was going on and enjoyed watching the Tech take all the baby’s measurements, but the almost 3-year-old was still kind of clueless about the whole experience.

We came out with our answer and headed for the store to pick up a few supplies for our pictures.


We decided that we would meet out at Joel’s Grandmother’s house to have the pictures taken. We coordinated outfits so that we could match (somewhat) and the boys would have the flexibility to run around a play while we got ready for our photo shoot.






Thanks toΒ JLynn Photography, we have some beautiful pictures to share with our family and friends to announce baby boy #3! These are just a few of the many wonderful pictures she snapped that day! Click the link and go like her page! She does great work!

I just finished up putting together a book of all of the pictures that got taken that day! I’m using the company, Blurb, as my host and I am so excited to see the result!

Shop Blurb Online
Even better, Blurb offers more than just photo books as options. You can make an eBook, a downloadable PDF, so many options! Guess what? They are so affordable! I was very happy with the price that I was paying for my keepsake.I can’t wait to gush more once I get my hands on my book!

I’ll post an update once I receive my book from Blurb!


  1. Congratulations! What fun you made it for your boys… πŸ˜€

    So many years ago when we had kids, they didn’t tell us the gender. I would have loved to do something fun. Before our grand-boy was born his mama and daddy had a party with a cake (with blue icing inside). That was fun too. So many options, huh?

    • jvalentine2288

      Yes! But it was so much fun to look at all the creative ideas and how different some of them were! I don’t think I can imagine ever not knowing what gender your baby will be these days lol!

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