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5 Facts About Directing a Vacation Bible School Program

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This year for VBS we are using the Answers in Genesis curriculum called “Ocean Commotion”. The Bible story that it focuses on is Noah’s Ark. I am so excited to see the questions and conversations that take place next week!

So this is my fourth year being involved in a leadership position with VBS and third year as Director. I put together some straight forward facts about being a VBS Director that some of you may be able to relate to.

5 Facts About Directing a Vacation Bible School Program

  1. Choosing curriculum can be challenging.

There are hundreds of options for curriculum to use when putting together a VBS program. For the past several years, my church had used the company “Group”. This is the most common company you hear of and usually see several of the same titled VBS programs in the area.

I loved their curriculum they offered that is actually set in Bible times and follows a specific character the whole week. This allows the children to see that Bible times existed and what life might have been like if they had lived back then.

However, two years ago, “Group” offered a curriculum set that was set in Bible times, but we had already done it four years before. Now, I am all for recycling to save money, but there is just something so exciting and awesome about something completely new and unfamiliar.

So, began my search for a brand new curriculum. I shopped around some, but then I remembered our family trip to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. They offered VBS curriculum. I was impressed with the museum and decided to search for what they had to offer. I stumbled upon a set called, “Camp Kilimanjaro”. It was safari themed and focused on the book of Proverbs. This was what I settled on and haven’t looked back since.

2. Being in a smaller church, volunteers are sometimes hard to come by.

Being in a small church, I know for a fact that people can feel burnt out on helping out every year, especially when it’s a small percentage of the congregation doing a large proportion of the work. I love my church family, don’t get me wrong, but I find the same people being involved in the same areas year after year. It wears on people, I totally understand.

Since VBS happens in the summer time, you have those people that decide to take a vacation. It happens, it’s part of life. People deserve a break and that makes room for those that usually don’t have a part in VBS. Don’t get discouraged!

If you have older children, or children in general, you probably have them in some type of summer activity; swimming, soccer, summer camp, etc. Again, part of life and it keeps people busy, don’t get discouraged!

And then you have those parents or teenagers who have to pick up extra shifts or already work long hours during the summer. Hey, they have families to support, I get it. They deserve the evening to rest and rejuvenate. Don’t get discouraged!

The good news is that there are sleepers in your church family, people who want to help, but don’t volunteer, and are hoping to be asked instead. ASK EVERYONE TO HELP. A personal gesture like that makes people feel valued and appreciated. If they say no, it’s fine, move on to the next person on the list.

3. Being newly pregnant during the few months before VBS, makes directing the program challenging.

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Between morning sickness that tends to turn into all day sickness, being a stay-at-home mom, and having two busy boys in the house makes for an exhausting day alone. Finding time to meet with your volunteers and actually get things done is quite challenging.

Which bring me to the next point…

4. Having a Co-Director is a HUGE blessing.

I mean it. I am so thankful that I agreed to having a Co-Director this year. I have been a slacker on so many levels this year, especially after finding out I was expecting our third child in May. My Co-Director has bent over backwards to help me out and pick up where I was slacking. She is a real go-getter when it comes to getting things accomplished. I am so blessed to have her help me this year!


5. All the preparations, sweat, and tears is worth the end product.

To see the joy on the children’s faces the whole week of VBS is the highlight of my summer. The genuine conversations that the kids have with the volunteers, the relationships that are created that week, the overall feeling of truly doing work for our Lord is so worth the time we spend prepping.

Closing Thoughts

I pray that your children have been blessed by a VBS program somewhere in the world. If not, I pray that they have the opportunity to be a part of a program very soon. If you’ve never heard of Vacation Bible School, or VBS, please contact a local church and they can set you and your children up with the closest program. God Bless!


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