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Our Homeschooling Journey (Part 2)

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School’s out for Summer…or Was?

We’ve been done with our Co-op group for two months now.

I told myself that we would continue working on reading with my almost 6-year-old.

Guess what?

We have completed ONE lesson this summer.

Now, before you pass judgement, or whatever, know that this kid has finally learned his days of the week and can recite them flawlessly, recognize most of his alphabet, and almost count to 100 without skipping numbers.

Pretty impressive in my book.

I don’t expect my kids to be geniuses, nor do I push “school work”, as well call it right now.

Other Plans

We are flexible in our family.

We found out that we are expecting our third child this passed May.

Morning sickness has kicked my butt this time around, so I haven’t felt like doing much more than lying on the couch and making sure my kids get taken care of.

We have traveled a lot this summer, so far. We took our vacation at the end of May and have taken several day trips to nearby destinations.

Our kids love to travel. They ask to go places, so we find somewhere fun to go and take off for the day.

Current and Future Plans for the Coming School Year

My almost 6-year-old will be doing the same curriculum as we started with last year, Classical Conversations. We will be doing Cycle 2 this time around. We will continue with our “Hooked on Phonics” lessons for reading and we will work on his math skills. He has a handy “Star Wars” Workbook that is helping him learn to write his numbers and some basic adding skills.

My almost 3-year-old currently has two workbooks he tries to do “school work” in, but mostly is just working on holding his pencil right. He will probably continue learning letter recognition, colors, shapes, and counting with my help and his “Big Preschool Workbooks” and also sitting in on our CC lessons and discussions.

More plans could develop, but we will wait and see what this year brings. Baby #3 is due in January, but we hope he/she comes in December., perfect for a break with home schooling.

Current Situation

We are gearing up for Vacation Bible School, which I am co-leading this year (hence why I am not blogging as often). We are using the “Ocean Commotion” from Answers in Genesis. This is an exciting account of Noah and the Flood. I can’t wait to see how God works next week when we start!

Calling all Homeschooling Moms/Families

What are your plans for the coming school year? I’d love to hear what you’re gearing up for. What curriculum are you using? Are you using anything to supplement reading and math? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hi! First off — CONGRATS! on your coming-bundle-of-joy 🙂

    We also homeschool and let me tell you this: in 8 years of homeschooling we have NEVER successfully stuck to our “summer learning” plans. God bless those families who do or who can manage year-round schooling. We. Just. Can’t. This summer I had goals for them to spend two afternoons per week reading books. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! That lasted all of one week and I realized keeping up with it would mean weekly trips to the library which I can’t pull off. Anyway, don’t feel bad when summer plans go awry. We all need a break to regroup so our school year plans don’t fall apart, right?

    I have 4 kids, 3 who are school age who will start 6th, 3rd and K when we begin the new year in August. For curriculum we use BJU for Math, English and Reading. We use Answer’s in Genesis “God’s Design” for Science. I hand-built our geography study (World Geography last year, US Geography this year) and we use Handwriting Without Tears too. My oldest will be using History Revealed this year as well.

    • Jaime

      I am so relieved to know I am not the only mom out there :)! Thank you for sharing your experience with summer and the curriculum you use. We love Answers in Genesis! I should look into using their science resources too.

  2. Love this, Jaime! (And I love your new site and site name! Fun!) I always love to see what homeschool parents are up to. We are pretty open to how we’ll educate our kids. I was planning on homeschooling preschool, but my HIGHLY extroverted son needs more socialness than I can give him. So he’ll go to preschool 3 mornings a week at a local church. And then we’ll try Kindergarten at the local public grade school. But we’ll simply take it year-to-year to fit each child. So since we haven’t ruled out homeschool, I like to stay up-to-date with options! And woohoo for your little super learning guy! <3

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