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Good Job, Honey

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about encouragement in marriage. Are you and your spouse the type of couple that totally support and encourage each other? Is one of you the pilot and the other is the wingman? Do you share the title of pilot? Do you share the title of wingman?

When things are going great and you’re following your passion, does your spouse come along side you and cheer you on? Do they stand by and watch? Do they say anything?

I’m pretty vocal when it comes to my passions and tend to get carried away with talking about my hopes and dreams. Joel, however, is more on the quiet side until he has it all figured out. Once he gets every detail the way he wants it, he vocalizes what his dreams are. Here lately, I consider it a victory if I get my dishes or laundry completely done. It’s always nice to feel appreciated and it feels good when your spouse notices that you got something done around the house that day. Sometimes I have to pry a “thank you” or “good job, honey” out of Joel when I do little things like the dishes or laundry. He’s not used to being vocally appreciative. I am used to hearing positive encouragement because that was the norm in our house while I was growing up.

I’ve started to safeguard this process by making it known when he comes home from work that I was productive that day. I list off what I accomplished and tell him that I feel pretty good about what’s been done. He usually smiles and says, “good job” or “keep it up”. Hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Encouragement is important, friends. Even saying one positive thing about a small task that your spouse completed can bring a smile to their face and light up their day. Step back and take note of little things. Watch it make a positive difference in your marriage.

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