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4 Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

These days, we get so busy with kids, activities outside the home, technology, and anything else that may come up. I am guilty of getting too busy and forgetting to make time for Joel. I came up with 4 simple says to reconnect with your spouse.

4. Unplug for a specific amount of time

As I said above, technology is a culprit for several of us when it comes to getting distracted. This one is simple, but can be difficult at the same time. Pick an evening or even a weekend and unplug for the entire time. Turn off any and all technology, cell phones, TV, tablets, computers, etc. Challenge yourselves to take a break from electronics. These little devices drive more wedges between between spouses than we realize. I got caught up in online gaming last year. It hurt our relationship in a big way. However, by the grace of God and a lot of patience from Mechanic, I was able to talk away and start being the wife I was designed to be.

3. Take a weekend trip

To go with unplugging, consider taking a weekend trip, just you and your spouse. Arrange for a trusted adult or family to care for your kids, pack up and take off for the weekend. Spending time in a new place with your spouse can be fun and exciting. Getting away, removes you from the distractions at home and forces you to spend time together. Even better, unplug while on your weekend!

2. Spend your days off together

If you have kids, divide the day in half. Spend half with your kids and your spouse. Go to the park, a museum, mini golf, etc. Take the time to spend with your kids together as a family. Focus on the kids, laugh and have fun with your spouse while with the kids. Don’t plan something with your friends on your day off. Your spouse should be your top priority when you have a day off. After enjoying time with your spouse and your kids, drop the kids off with a grandparent or other trusted adult. Then spend time with your spouse. Have a date night in or, if it’s in the budget, go out for dinner and a movie. Get creative!

1. Make date night a priority

Speaking of date night in or dinner and movie, date night should be happening at least monthly. Joel and I are blessed to be able to have a date night weekly. This time is so important and we make it memorable. Any time you and your spouse have “alone time” should be used to focus on each other and spend time together. Rekindle the romance. Enjoy each other! There are endless possibilities!


Spend time together- better yet MAKE time for each other. Prioritize and focus on what/who is important in your life. Seriously, spending time together can be a game changer if your marriage is on the rocks.


  1. Those are great suggestions. We don’t have family nearby so we have at-home dates each week. It is usually just making a special dinner and watching a movie snuggling on the couch after the kids are in bed. It helps us connect though and we both look forward to it.

  2. I loved these tips, thanks for sharing! What are some ways you and your fella make date night memorable? Also, any tips for finding a babysitter when you don’t have family close by and are an overprotective parent? 😀

    • What makes date night memorable for us, is the conversation. We try to talk about things (other than our kids) like what our passions and dreams are, how to work toward achieving those dreams and feed those passions.

      As far as babysitters, I totally get it! I am overprotective too, but thankfully, we have family in town and I have a good friend who watches our kids for us and vice versa. I’ve also been known to recruit a high school student from our church on occasion as well.

  3. afrugaldesteny

    Sometimes I catch myself putting Hubby on the back burner. I just have so many other things going on! Great tips 🙂

  4. These are such great ideas! We have two under two and my husband is a firefighter. It’s always so hard finding time to balance between spending time just us and as a family.

  5. I totally need to do this. Especially the unplugging from media piece. My husband and I spend way more time online or watching tv than we do actually talking to each other in the evenings, and that’s sad!

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