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#1 Pray Together

Practice number one is praying together. This should be the most important practice in your marriage. It is also one of the most challenging practices to keep up on. Sure, we all have busy lives. Sure, we value sleep. Sure, we make excuses, but prayer is so important in your relationships.

“I don’t have time to pray”

First off, you do have time. Whether or not you choose to use that time is up to you. I find myself making excuses and telling myself that I do not have time to pray to my Lord. How selfish of me! God created me and has blessed me with a wonderful family! To not make time to nurture my relationship with Him is rude and inconsiderate thinking.

Find those spare minutes in your daily routine. Wake up a little earlier in the morning before getting ready for the day. Starting your day with prayer with make your day that much better! Stay up a little later at night before going to bed. Praying before bed could actually help your brain shut down in the evening. Do you and your spouse spend time on your cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. in the evenings? Put the electronics away! Electronics are one of the biggest distractions in our world today. Social media, online gaming, surfing the internet, texting, you name it, it is a distraction.

I know that not everyone has a clear chunk of time when both you and your spouse is free. You and your spouse take a day or two and step back┬áto examine your daily routines to see where you could work in just five minutes (to start with) to get back on track and pray together. Consider calling your spouse over your lunch break and have a quick prayer time together. Yes, we all have busy schedules, but being so busy that you cannot work in time to pray for or with your spouse is sacrificing your relationship. Isn’t your marriage worth taking the time to pray together?

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