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10 Things That You Should Be Practicing in Your Marriage

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Several of our friends and young people who we have mentored in the past have asked us if we had any good advice for marriage. So, Joel and I came up with a list of important things we try to practice in our marriage. Click on the blue links for more detailed descriptions of each practice.

10 Practices That Should Be Happening in Your Marriage

  1. Pray together.
  2. Don’t go to bed mad (EVER).
  3. Pick you battles (fight fair).
  4. Be intimate.
  5. Recognize each other’s love language.
  6. Learn from the past, love in the present, live for the future.
  7. Don’t settle for divorce (It’s not even an option for us).
  8. Make date night a priority.
  9. Do not be selfish.
  10. Exercise grace every chance you get.

Having nine years of marriage under our belts has opened our eyes to how our marriage should work. We got married when he was twenty-one and I was nineteen. We have grown up together. We have been dirt poor together. We have lived with our parents together. Every adult experience I have had with Joel has been my first across the board (with the exception of having a job and paying taxes). I would not change these experiences for anything. They have helped me grow and learn.

We are not perfect, by any means. We just learned early on that not everything is worth fighting or holding a grudge over.

Marriage is a learning experience. No one can really tell you what will work or what won’t work. Every marriage is different. These marriage practices are designed as guidelines, not a fix-all for within your  marriage. They are things we tried and they helped us get back on track as husband and wife.

Marriage is a beautiful thing. I pray that these practices can help guide you and your spouse back to each other so you can get back on track together.

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